2017 Fall Rosters Announced

The Halos will have 2 fall teams this summer.  The RED team will consist of 2018 and 2019 graduates.  The BLUE team will consist of 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduates.  All rosters are tentative until you confirm your spot.  To confirm your spot email Chris Gomes at c_t_gomez@hotmail.com  After confirmation with Chris, you must attend the next Halos practice on August 27th at 9:30 am at Ventura College.  At that practice you need to make the first payment of fall.  That will confirm your spot.  You have until Sunday August 20th to confirm.  Schedule for the fall will be confirmed and announced after all players confirm their spot or give up their spot.

If you missed the try out, you must attend the practice on the 27th and if offered a spot be ready to make first payment.  See information sheet at the end of the post for cost.

Halos Red
Oliver Hicks
Jacob Ruley
Garrett Austin
Joseph Alvidrez
Michael Robles
Carson Bak
Alexander Akoury
Michael Keese
Andrew Wilkins
Eric Alamillo
David Alamillo
Tommy Holguin
Jordan Dem
Cole Knightley
Chris Cervantes
JJ Duran
Ben Reing
Riley Thomson
Brandon Cruz
Andru Marion
Greyson Sjoquist
Michael Garzon
Abraham Ramos
Jacob Perez


Halos Blue
Raymond Mahr
Christian Alamillo
DJ Allen
Cesar Morales
Trevor Smentek

PJ Alamillo
Tommy Kendlinger
David Delgadillo
Tyler Woodworth
Oscar Cabrera
Xander Belchere
Drew Baskin
Robert Plante

Javier Lopez

Tyler Coert

Angel Castrellon



Download (PDF, 173KB)