2017 Premier Halos Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time
6/2/17 Fri Team Victory LA Mission College 5:00 PM
6/3/2017 Sat Ventura Halos Ventura College 5:00 PM
6/4/2017 Sun San Luis Obispo Blues Shinshimer Park, SLO 1:00 PM
6/9/2017 Fri So Cal Phillies Pepperdine University 5:00 PM
6/10/2017 Sat So Cal Phillies (DH) Pepperdine University 10:00 AM
6/16/2017 Fri Gold Sox Ventura College 5:00 PM
6/17/2017 Sat Gold Sox (DH) Ventura College 1:00 PM
6/18/2017 Sun Conejo Oaks Cal Lutheran University 1:00 PM
6/23/2017 Fri Northridge Bulls Ventura College 5:00 PM
6/24/2017 Sat Northridge Bulls (DH) Ventura College 1:00 PM
6/29/2017 Thu Wahoo’s Ventura College 5:00 PM
7/1/2017 Sat Wahoo’s (DH) Ventura College 1:00 PM
7/7/2017 Fri So Cal Hitmen Moorpark College TBA
7/8/2017 Sat So Cal Hitmen (DH) Moorpark College TBA
7/11/2017 Tue PCBL All Star Game TBA TBA
7/15/2017 Sat TBA Ventura College TBA
7/21/2017 Fri Coastal Cubs Ventura College 5:00 PM
7/22/2017 Sat Coastal Cubs (DH) Ventura College 1:00 PM
7/28/2017 Fri Bakersfield Braves Ventura College 5:00 PM
7/29/2017 Sat Bakersfield Braves (DH) Ventura College 1:00 PM
8/6/2017 Sun PCBL Championship Tournament Ventura College TBA

Parking at Ventura College is $2.00 during the week.  Weekends are free.

Gray pants on the road, white pants at home.  Head Coach will announce jersey tops and hats week of games.

2 games versus Team Victory are TBA

Schedule subject to change