To: Halos Family

From: Chris Gomez and Halos Board of Directors

The Halos have been proud to represent Ventura County for more than 7 years. Each year, the organization starts almost from scratch, raising money to support the team through sponsorships, ad sales, donations, gate receipts, and more. Once again, we’re appealing to our generous fans to help make sure the team has the financial ability to give back to the youth players and offset dues and player fees for up and coming players.

We’re asking the Halos faithful to do again what they have done for years: Help us out. Can you donate anything to help the kids?

Use the PayPal link on this page to contribute what you can. If you have questions or ideas, please send them to

The Halos are blessed with the best fans and families in SoCal . . . that’s why we know we can call on them for help.