Playing college baseball is a privilege.  College baseball consists of the Junior College (2 YR) level, NCAA (4 YR) Division I, II, III, and NAIA (4 YR) levels.  Currently based on NCAA statistics, 6.9% of graduating seniors playing baseball will get the chance to play at the NCAA level.  Combined with the junior college and NAIA level its an estimated 8% that get a chance to play at the “NEXT LEVEL”.  Below are some links to help in the process to get to that next level.

Junior College
Graduate from high school and be recruited or walk on to a program.
– Apply to the junior college
California Junior College Application 
– Applying to out of state junior college, applications will go through the state. Out of state junior colleges may offer scholarships also.
– By being an NCAA Qualifier, transfer rules are different. If you are not a qualifier you must get you Associates Degree (AA) to be eligible as a junior college transfer.

NAIA Eligibility Center


– The NCAA consists of Divisions I, II, and III
– Each division has different eligibility standards to play as a freshmen
NCAA Eligibility Information
NCAA Quick Reference Sheet
NCAA Eligibility Center